Eat Your Sunscreen – Sunburn Protection Starts in the Kitchen

Have you ever spent the day at the beach swimming, running through the sand, and sunbathing, only end your day with a painful sunburn? You swore you put on sunscreen three or four times throughout the day but somehow you were still burnt. While sunburns can leave the skin blistered

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Lemon CBD Infused Curry Chicken Salad + Avocado and Toasted Black Sesame Seeds

When I was about 30, I fell in love with curry.  Yes, I was a late bloomer.  It is now in my top three spices (if I was forced to make a list).  This recipe was inspired by my mother-in-law, who has a version of Curry Chicken Salad in her

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Superfoodalicious Mint Chip Smoothie

This superfood smoothie completely rocks in both taste and nutritional benefit.  The ingredients used in this recipe are all exceptional superfoods.  You can read all about the benefits below.  Who doesn't want a heart healthy, cancer fighting, joint soothing, mood balancing and wrinkle reducing smoothie that actually tastes delicious?! Ingredients

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Vegan Energy Blend Coffee with Bella Body CBD Oil

Whether you are going to work, workout or tote around your littles, this coffee is the best way to start the day.  It is so completely delicious and is packed with nutritional benefits including Bella Body CBD oil that our nutritionist, Elaine, outlines below. Enjoy! Ingredients: 8-12 oz. Organic coffee

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Paleo Ramen Noodles in Slow Cooker Chicken Bone Broth

This recipe was created by our Nutritionist, Elaine.  It fits into so many spectacular nutrition categories, such as Paleo, Detoxifying and Gluten Free, but the best part is that it resembles comfort food and tastes delicious. Ingredients: Makes 4 servings 12 oz kelp noodles Sea Tangle – Kelp Noodles – 3

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Chocolate Mint Truffles With Bella Body Peppermint Flavor CBD Oil

Cooking with our flavored CBD Oil adds a superfood ingredient to your recipes.Bella Body certified noTHC, Organic CBD oil is an excellent source of nutrients that can not only be safely consumed by kids and adults as part of their daily diet, but also has so many benefits!  So why not

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